Dedicated Experts Committed to YOU!


Dedicated Experts Committed to YOU!

Jessica Rodriguez

Client Engagement Director

As the Client Engagement Director, I love the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with our clients, understanding their needs,

and finding innovative solutions

to exceed their expectations.

Witnessing their satisfaction and success drives my continuous pursuit of excellence.

On a personal note - I enjoy board games and card games as a fun escape from daily routines,

stimulating strategic thinking and decision-making.

Ashley Nelson

Executive Support Specialist

As the Executive Support Specialist, the array of responsibilities is what I find most enjoyable, from managing schedules and correspondence

to coordinating meetings

and projects for the three executives.

Their fast-paced environment constantly exposes me to new industries, technologies, and business strategies, fueling my continuous learning.

Fun fact - As an East Coast transplant living in the Pacific Northwest, I love to pack up and go on new camping adventures with my family.

Megan Bove

Visual Brand Strategist

As the Visual Brand Strategist, I love creating a brand image that has cohesion across the board

and creates impactful identities.

Leaving a lasting mark on our brand identity is both empowering and fulfilling.

Fun Fact about me – I love live music and the different places I’ve traveled and experiences

I’ve had going to concerts.

Tom Bove

Business Development Director

As a seasoned Business Development/Sales Executive, I am committed to elevating professionalism and providing exceptional customer service.

I can address complex sales processes, as well as develop scalable strategies to drive business growth and deliver innovative technology solutions that support client’s business growth strategies.

On a personal note - I love to cook, especially getting creative with developing original recipes. I am taking my passion for cooking further by planting my own herb garden.


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